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What is the tenancy deposit scheme?

This is a government backed scheme whereby it is a legal requirement that all landlords, and agents working on their behalf, secure and protect your deposit, via a protection deposit scheme. This is mandatory requirement and we as the agent will secure and protect your deposit, once you have paid it. Upon leaving the property, which the deposit is secured against, and if you and landlord/agent agree on an amount, it will be returned to you, hassle free. If there are any unresolved issues, then this is independently assessed by the deposit protection scheme of which your tenancy is secured with. Thus, making this a fair and equal process for both the tenant and the landlord/agent.

How do I apply if I am an international student?

Please contact the office via email, stating if you have a property in mind, or if you still need one sourcing. A nominated and agreed representative from our office, or a personal acquaintance of yourself can view any property and the signing can take place via official written correspondence and email. Payments can be made via internet banking and everything is tracked and recorded for your assurance. We can help you find a home from the very home you are leaving! Not only that, we can help prepare you to move in and provide a moving in pack enclosing all those items you may not be able to bring with you! For example a duvet, some basic living items for your first move in day! Please contact the office for further details.

How do I apply for a property?

Please see the step by step guide featured within our tenants page.

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