Our top 10 tips for keeping warm this winter


Winter’s coming and there are many cold and wet months to get through in Leeds before it warms up again, but our student guide to keeping yourself and your home warm this winter should help make things just that bit more bearable.


  1. Wrap up: obvious though it may sound you’d be amazed what a difference hats and gloves make on your morning commute to university on an icy January morning. Likewise, onesies or a Leeds University Jumper will add extra insulation when you’re at your house.

  1. Cooking with the oven heats the whole room and opening the oven when you have finished using it means you won’t waste any of that precious heat. Baked potatoes are a great, easy meal for the oven and if you have a bit more time a shepherd’s pie fits the bill perfectly.

  1. Blankets; and lots of them. It’s really very easy to pick up cheap blankets and soft throws in the shops for less than a fiver a piece and a few bundled together can keep even the coldest winter nights chill at bay.

  1. Hand warmers: These little miracle workers can be bought at most supermarkets and outlet stores, and are perfect for quickly defrosting frozen fingers. It’s no good dragging yourself out on a freezing morning and getting to your important lecture if you can’t make notes when you get there, so slip a couple of these reusable lovelies in your bag.

  1. Eat Well: Soup, more specifically, hot soup can work wonders for your outlook, but most students in Leeds will grab a cold sandwich even on the chilliest day for lunch. Soup is very easy to make, (just boil vegetables and stock, then blend) keeps for a long time if frozen and is quick to prepare. If you can’t bear to lose the bread then add a fresh crusty roll to bulk the meal out.

  1. Keep the heating at a steady temperature: Keeping the temperature at a moderate 18-20 degrees is a good idea. If you swing from a tropical 30 degrees, then get so hot you turn the heating completely off, it will create condensation and damp in the property. Even when the house is empty keeping your thermostatic valves on the frost setting and the heating coming on for a short time, twice a day will prevent the pipes from freezing and breaking. This is something you will appreciate greatly when you arrive home late, maybe after being away for Christmas.

  1. Keep active this winter. The benefits of keeping moving and exercising through the dark days can really not be over exaggerated. Not only will this keep you physically warm, but will benefit your mental health too. It is well known that the lack of light in the winter months can cause a lot of people to struggle with low mood and students and young people are not immune to this. Just 15-30 minutes of exercise in day light can make a massive difference. This could be a fast walk or quick jog around Hyde Park or campus.

  1. Use a hot water bottle. Needs no explanation really, it will warm your bed or you if you cuddle it.

  1. Block draughts: This could be in the way of shutting doors on warm rooms or simply shutting all curtains to maximise heat. This not only keeps you warm but can mean you won’t need the heating quite so high, which is great news for the environment. (The polar bears will thank you!!)

  1. Hang out in a warm library when you are revising!

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